Welcome to Treephoria
“The rapturous feeling or state of being experienced when surrounded by remarkable trees.”

Phoenix Maple (Acer conspicuum ‘Phoenix’) ranging in size from 3-6 ft. Below, Ginkgos ranging from 1” to 3” caliper plus large specimens to 6” caliper.

Treephoria is open by appointment.

32240 SE Compton Road, Boring, OR

(1/2 mile east of the Hwy 212/Hwy 26  interchange)



Treephoria is a boutique tree nursery where we delight in nurturing unusual and hard to find trees to landscape size. Here, you’ll find an eclectic mix of trees. One of this, two of that, twenty of those. Many are rare and unusual trees of the sort usually sold by the quart or the gallon by propagators of specialty plants.

Rare Asian maples, unusual evergreen oaks, slow-growing beeches and ginkgos, Three-Flower Maple, Dove Tree, Stewartia, Franklinia, Gordlinia, Lindera, Trochodendron, Holly Oak, Sycoparrotia and other rarities grow here. We invite you to review our Availability Page and fall under the magic spell of Treephoria.

Korean Maple

(Acer pseudosiebolianum) is the first of many Asian maples in our fields to blaze with fall color.